1.Proper implementation of the suppliers and / or services as Facility Management & Services ensures compliance and audits, and therefore our results are based on performance objectives.

2.You will not have to locate each year to its best third-party provider, and therefore take time to expose and reduce costs, and then implement their needs 100%.

3.We will be your manager and guarantee services for the life of the contract for proper enforcement and satisfaction, otherwise we devote our time to seek alternatives.

4.A single speaker, Facility Management & Services know all the centers, not only from a written plan, but from a realistic view of all regardless of physical location.

5.All service providers are approved before, during and after system (ADD), that is, we assure their compliance, otherwise the only permanent auditing system (SAPU) informs the customer of the proposed corrective action : You Decide.

6.You are the architect, it is up to you: we will bring the tools and makes us part of the current portfolio.

more info: www.facilityservices.es

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