Entidad pionera en actuar como plataforma única de Administradores Externos d servicios generales & Mantenimiento Integral de Edificios y oficinas, que actúa en todo el territorio. Con el objetivo de gestionar, implantar y aportar una multiplicidad de servicios. 

Pioneer institution acting as a single platform in General External Services Administration & Comprehensive Buildings and offices Maintenance, which works throughout the region, in order to manage, implement and give a multiplicity of services to our customers’ activities in the fields that are not their core business. We unify services, so you only have a single contact – Internal & External Implant – streamlining, optimizing costs and achieving objectives resulting from the implementation of systems for counterparts in their activities.

We provide the tools for our customer’s needs, but they are the architects:

1. Media Consultants.

2. Deployment of General Services.

3. Implants Auditors and Projects.

4. Outsourcing business other than main.

Entitat pionera en actuar com a plataforma única d’Administradors Externs de Serveis Generals & Manteniment Integral d’Edificis i Oficines, que actua en tot el territori. Amb l’objectiu de gestionar, implantar i aportar una multiplicitat de serveis d’aquelles activitats dels nostres clients que no són el seu core business.



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