Wow. This is truly a city for you if you’re running a business in which stretching the boundaries of expectations and encouraging creativity are important components. Innovation and provocativeness are the essences of this city.


This is a place that’s always taken advantage of every opportunity and secured a reputation for great ideas and being first. But what else would you expect from a city at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, that played a global role in the textile industry in the late 18th century, and was indeed the first modern city on the international map?


Just consider the big ideas emanating from this corner of North-West England: atomic theory was pioneered here with the splitting of the atom; the world’s first computer was developed here; it had the first commercial canal and commercial railway in the country; the first-ever TUC and the Suffragettes emanated from the city; and when Charles Darwin wanted a city in which to launch his ground-breaking On the Origin of Species exhibition 150 years ago, he opted for Manchester as the only one provocative and daring enough to be able to handle it. Brilliant.


And for sheer talent and influence in the music scene where else can match this city? 10CC, the Bee Gees, Simply Red, the ‘Madchester’ movement, Oasis, New Order, The Smiths, Take That, Elbow. The list goes on for sheer diversity and influence.

But it’s not just music, industry and ideas where this city pushes the boundaries; nowhere is this more relevant than in sport. Take football. Manchester is home to two of the richest clubs in the world: Manchester United and Manchester City. Or cycling. This city is the home of British Cycling, as well as the Velodrome, Britain’s first indoor cycling track. The British taekwondo squad, the GB water polo and Paralympic swimming teams, and even the English Institute of Sport are also all based here.


The city of Manchester is all about innovation. If every business in the city pushed to become a true innovator in their industry, with a little help from inward investors, then Manchester’s position as the true global home of innovation would be cemented.

Tomorrow HRmagazine.co.uk will feature one of Manchester’s most innovative companies.


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