How can such organisations participate in FP7?

The Seventh Framework Programme has a simple and clear structure, based on four principal programmes, with public sector bodies eligible to participate across all four:

  • The biggest in budgetary terms, with € 32.4 billion, called Cooperation, has the ambition to help Europe gain leadership in key areas of science and technology by having our best brains from across Europe working together.
  • The second programme is called Ideas, with a budget of € 7.5 billion to foster competition and excellence in frontier or fundamental research.
  • The third programme, People with € 4.7 billion will enable tens of thousands of researchers to benefit from fellowships for research training. The programme will help with training and career development in different sectors both public and private.
  • The fourth programme is Capacities, with a budget of € 4.2 billion to ensure scientific and technological capacity-building, for example in the area of infrastructures or in helping European regions to gear up their scientific potential.

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