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Citizen Focus

‘Citizen Focus’ is about industries, civil society, and different layers of government working together with citizens to realize public interests at the intersection of ICT, mobility and energy in an urban environment. Much has already been done to engage citizens for mobility, energy efficiency, sustainability and related topics – though individual entrepreneurs, rather than larger-scale industry and government are often the drivers. There are also many ICT platforms for crowd funding and collaboration. Likewise, citizens are already creating apps and services to help cities solve problems.

However, these positive signs can be amplified and focused, thus providing an European way to build smart cities. The most relevant approaches on Citizen Focus are:

• Projects that create an enabling environment for citizens to solve the problems they identify. Additionally, projects that help the most successful citizen-led projects scale – in a city or internationally.

• Projects that facilitate a conversation between stakeholders, where citizens’ voices are not only heard, but instrumental in solution design, allowing for better results and creating faster and more targeted improvements.

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