Once a year the global facilities management community comes together to celebrate FM on World FM Day . The theme is ‘Empowering people for a productive world’, and will look at how facilities management (FM) enables different business disciplines to collaborate to deliver high quality business performance.

World FM Day, which is led by Global FM through its World FM Day Task Force, has been an annual celebration since 2009. It aims to recognise the vital work that FM professionals, and the FM sector, contributes to businesses worldwide whilst raising the profile of the FM profession across the globe.

All FM professionals are welcome to host events such as social media activity, luncheons, seminars and workshops, or by undertaking any other activity to celebrate and promote FM during the week 11 – 15 July.

Who are FMs

Who are facilities managers?

The description of a facilities manager varies depending on the region of the world in which they work. However, they all have similar job functions. These are:

  • People Management
  • Working with Suppliers and Specialists
  • Property Portfolio Management
  • Building Fabric Maintenance
  • Managing Building Services
  • Managing Support Services
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Environmental Issues
  • Space Management
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Quality Management
  • Information Management

To find out more about the role of facilities managers then read our ‘day in the life’ case studies.

Because of the broad nature of the work, facilities managers do not always have the word facilities in their job title. Different job titles, from around the world, of those working in facilities management are as follows:

  • Facilities Manager
  • Head of facilities
  • Senior Facilities Manager
  • Manager – Facilities and Support Services
  • Workplace Services Contract Manager
  • Area Facilities Manager
  • Facilities Account Manager
  • Head of Property and Facilities (EMEA)
  • Projects and Facilities Manager
  • Facilities and Purchasing Manager
  • Specialist Facilities Management Engineer
  • Regional Facilities Manage
  • Sr Project Mgmt Coordinator
  • Director of Business Services
  • Project Director, Facilities Planning
  • Manager, Facilities Services
  • Construction Project Manager
  • O&M – Unit Head
  • Security Site Supervisor
  • Director of Project Management
  • Supervisor, Property Management
  • Facilities Supervisor
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Property Administrator
  • Manager, Facilities & Office Services
  • Corporate Facility Manager
  • Manager – Facilities Services
  • Facilities Specialist
  • Director Strategic Initiatives – Sustainability
  • Associate Commercial Marketing Manager
  • Sustainability Solutions Manager
  • Director of Facilities & Real Estate
  • Manager. Strategy
  • Operations Maintenance Department Manager
  • Facilities Engineering Manager
  • Energy Engineer
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Director of Auxilliary Maintenance
  • Manager Corporate Facilities
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Assistant Director, Facilities Planning
  • Vice President
  • Facilities Business Development Director

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