Facility Management & Services has the ability to provide all general services that are not commonly the main activity of your business.

The normal services as other ones requiring a specific technical implication that adapts to your business needs.

We are a comprehensive solution focused on modern models of management. Stresses as a Tool run by fusing the two aspects, the application of the so called Facility Management, from which, was carried out on the run and making them profitable optimising the resources to the fullest. Stands out as a management tool that combines both aspects, managing the implementation of the so-called Facility Management, from which it carries out the management of certain resources and optimize them to maximize.

Management : A single partner to undertake the procurement comprehensive cleaning technology & food services access control, goal and receptionists, services security, landscaping and treatment DDD, hostesses and events, temporary work and selection of managers, outsourcing services, as well as all types of specialized services.
Management of all this is done through continuous interaction with each customer personally.

Integrated Professional & partners recognized standing and experience, apply the requirements of any organization with maximum efficiency, through its various collaborating companies. Each specializes in different areas, promoting in each case, a “Know How” differentiator.

we meet your needs:

  • Cleaning Services Technical & Food.
  • Access Control Services.
  • Doors and Receptionists.
  • Security Service.
  • Gardening and DDD.
  • Events & Hostesses.
  • Other.

Our service execution warranty is on:

  • Companies certified and approved to work with the government.
  • Partners with ISO certifications for each specific activity.
  • Presence national offices close to their workplaces.
  • Customer permanent 24 hours.
  • Technical assistance professionals in each sector.
  • Capacity management, workers, technical resources.